Accessible Aotearoa

Our outline of what we think describing Aotearoa as FULLY accessible for all New Zealanders means.

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Cabinet Minute of Decision -

Accelerating Progress Towards Accessibility in New Zealand. A record of the discussion about introducing a policy work programme.

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Cabinet Paper - 

Accelerating progress towards Accessibility in New Zealand. A document containing information MP's need to make a decision about a work programme for accessibility legislation. 

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Discussion Paper

A Discussion Paper on developing the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill which gives an overview of the case for accessibility legislation and outlines the work the Access Alliance is doing around this.

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David Lepofsky Resources

Video and Audio files from David Lepofsky's visit in November 2018. 

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The Principles of The Accessibility Act

The details of what the Accessibility Act is and what it will do.

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Access Matters Stories Booklet

Disabled people telling their stories to highlight why accessibility legislation is necessary.

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"Disability Law Policy Brief"

A report commissioned by the Access Alliance to provide context and explain the key considerations that decision makers will take into account.

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Briefing to Incoming Ministers

(BIM) December 2017 A document providing context for Ministers about the Accessibility Act.

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"Disability Access and Outcomes" Report

A report commissioned by the Blind Foundation for the Access Alliance that reviews the social and economic benefit of accessibility legislation in New Zealand.

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Position Paper

A Position Paper explaining the Access Alliance stance on accessibility legislation. July 2017

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A summary of key Access Alliance Papers.

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"Valuing Access to Work" Report

A report commissioned by the Blind Foundation for the Access Alliance about the potential economic benefits to increased employment of disabled New Zealanders

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