Some of Us have Always been Excluded from Dining Out

While some are criticising the vaccine pass system because it restricts unvaccinated people from dining in restaurants, one group has always faced hurdles when grabbing a bite to eat – those with disabilities.

Originally published at, December 25, 2021.

Story by , staff writer at The Spinoff.


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Slow Progress on Media Accessibility Legislation in Aotearoa New Zealand

Kiwis who are deaf, blind or low vision are missing out on a myriad of rich broadcasting as a law that would help them makes little progress.

Legislation around captioning and audio descriptions in media would bring Aotearoa in line with other Western countries, like the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada.

Story by 

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Bus Access Denied

Usually there's no stopping Dorothy Dawson. But Invercargill City Council has managed to do just that.

Despite appearing to meet legal requirements Invercargill’s Dorothy can’t understand why getting her scooter on a bus is such a problem.

Story by Gill Higgins, Fair Go reporter, 6 September 2021, TVNZ

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Access Matters: Banking Services

Access matters when you’re running a small business with 101 errands to do.

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Dysfunctional EFTPOS - Esther’s Story

Old EFTPOS terminals are being systematically replaced by new ones that look sleek and modern.

Unfortunately, whereas the older ones had quite large keys with very clear numbers and a green ‘enter’ key ...

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Barriers Everywhere for Disabled People

When Dr Huhana Hickey needs to go to the hospital for treatment, she heads off in her wheelchair across the neighbouring park, along the footpath a few blocks and she's there in 10 minutes ... But if she needs to get there, urgently, at night the park is now impossible to get through because a new gate is locked at night, blocking her path.

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Retail Rejection

“It’s over there.” This is a statement that continually both frustrates and amuses the blind and vision impaired community.

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Community Prejudice

Kylie wants to be a mother help at her children’s school but the staff are hesitant to allow her to do this as she is visually impaired.

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Respiratory Disease

Jill has asthma and small airways disease. She also experiences frequent bouts of bronchitis. These affect her breathing and she is unable to go out in the wind or on cold days.

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Accessible Art

Caitlin is visually impaired and finds the lack of narration in various situations and the focus on print or subtitles on television programmes which she cannot see very difficult.

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