Enough is Enough: Jason

Jason talks about living - and working - with an invisible disability.

#EnoughIsEnough #AccessLawNow #AccessMattersNZ


Enough is Enough: Jasmine

Jasmine talks about inaccessible bus numbers.

#EnoughIsEnough #AccessLawNow #AccessMattersNZ


Enough is Enough: Tamati

Tamati talks about access issues caused by construction works downtown.

#EnoughIsEnough #AccessLawNow #AccessMattersNZ


Enough is Enough: Natasha

Natasha talks about the difficulties of navigating murals painted on footpaths and roads.

#EnoughIsEnough #AccessLawNow #AccessMattersNZ


Enough is Enough: Joseph

Joseph talks about interior spaces being narrow and hard to navigate with a cane.

#EnoughIsEnough #AccessLawNow #AccessMattersNZ


An Ally’s Perspective: How I learnt the Government’s proposed Accessibility Legislation could be better … much better

Looking at the Government’s recently proposed accessibility legislation from an able-bodied perspective feels - at first - like a step in the right direction. Sure, maybe it doesn’t cover everything but progress takes time, right?

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Enough is Enough: Tarewa

Enough is Enough: Lisa

On A Roll Through the Park - Glenda’s Story

We had visitors over Christmas and they wanted to walk though Pukekura Park to see the lights as they have never seen them before.

I wanted to go too, but ...

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Audio Described Te Papa … WOW - Judith’s Story

Earlier this year my niece and I went to Wellington to see the World of WearableArt exhibition at Te Papa. I have low vision but reasoned that this exhibition would be one I could enjoy - and indeed, I did - as we had booked one of the very informative guided tours of the exhibition.

The real highlight, though ...

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