Pacific Women's Watch New Zealand

Mission Statement: To ensure that women in all countries of the Pacific sub-region co-ordinate in solidarity of purpose to promote the advancement of all women.

Pacific Women's Watch (New Zealand) has the following objectives:
1. To ensure women's voices from the sub-region (Asia-Pacific) and especially New Zealand are heard internationally.
2. To be a communication link between New Zealand non-governmental women, the sub-region, and internationally.
3. To monitor the Beijing Platform for Action and any subsequent plans of action for the advancement of women.
4. To share strategies to measure and assess changes in women's status
5. To recognise views and expectations of Tangata Whena

The most recent report is the 2017 CEDAW (Complete Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) to UN CEDAW committee. Please see out website for more information. In this report we included an appendix on disabled women and some areas of improvement in New Zealand laws. There are major gaps in New Zealand laws which fail to advance the welfare of disabled women and continue to limit their potential.

PWW (NZ) commits to continuing to report internationally on the status of disabled women at every opportunity. PWW (NZ) commits to spreading the word of the benefits of a New Zealand Accessibility Act for all women, and especially disabled women. PWW (NZ) commits to encouraging all New Zealanders to get behind the Access Alliance and The New Zealand Accessibility Act. PWW (NZ) commits to writing letters to MPs and other decision makers of the importance and aim of the Access Alliance.

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