Go Bus Transport Limited

Go Bus is a full spectrum bus services company, providing, city, charter, special needs transport and schools services. Johnston’s Coachlines is our luxury charter brand offering both charter services & airline aircrew transfer services nationwide.

Go Bus is proud to be an Accredited Provider for the ACC Workplace Safety and Management program and is ISO certified.

As a public transport provider, we provide the opportunity for people to go to work, school, shop, enjoy some recreation and be part of the community. If the transport we provide has a barrier that stops a member of the community from using it, how can we truly call ourselves public transport?

For some 20+ years now the industry has been working to make buses accessible, such as making them wheelchair access possible, using technology to allow better timetable discovery and accessibility awareness training for drivers. But we can do more. This includes using technology for ‘next stop’ announcements, building even higher driver awareness of how to be of more assistance and of course working with councils for better bus stop infrastructure.

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