Alone in Lockdown - Claire’s Story

Finding out about the COVID-19 lockdown scared me terribly because I knew I’d have to deal with it by myself. With my Asperger's I'm more capable and independent than a lot of others but I think everyone with any kind of special needs should have access to community support whenever they need it. Especially during a national state of emergency.

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Inaccessible Distance Learning - Edward’s Story

I have special needs and medical complexities including epilepsy. I love school so much. My Mummy spent a lot of time researching schools with good inclusion and low roll numbers to accommodate my immune-deficiency. I had only been at school full-time for a few months when we first heard about Coronavirus, and then I stopped school.

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Deaf Positive NZ, a Lockdown Success - Lyneen’s Story

I work in the disability and mental health sectors. I am Deaf myself and I have had an extensive career in Deaf mental health. On 23 March, when the Government announced the nationwide COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown, I knew immediately that Deaf and disabled New Zealanders would be significantly adversely impacted.

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Accessing Services Digitally a Challenge in Lockdown – Daniel’s Story

Daniel Te’o is a staff member at Blind Low Vision NZ who is blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition which causes vision loss. Daniel is grateful to have the support he needs to carry on with his daily life, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he has serious concerns about how the move to Alert Level 3 will impact others living with an access need in our community.

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PPE becomes an Access Barrier - Angela's Story

I am a hard of hearing health professional. Like my essential service colleagues, my work continues at this challenging and unprecedented time of pandemic and lockdown.

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Exercise During Lockdown – Jill’s Story

I am confused about what I can and can’t do during the Covid-19 lockdown, particularly as a person living with disability. On the one hand, I am told to stay at home. On the other, I am told to go outside for some fresh air and exercise. I want to play my part and do both, but it is not so easy to get out of the house for those with access needs, and yet it so important for my physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Hearing Assistance Dog - Michelle's Story

Michelle has experienced hearing loss from her early childhood and it has deteriorated as she has got older. She gets very tired, and at times struggles to lip read along with her hearing aids. She said that without her hearing aids she would not even be able to hear her cat meow.

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It wasn't in an accessible format - Susan's Story

I'm Susan, I'm vision impaired and this is my story about the frustration I experienced when last year my bus company changed the timetables and didn't advertise it in accessible formats.

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"My dignity was kind of trampled on" - Áine's Story

"My dignity was kind of trampled on....

Employment is such a necessary part of feeling valuable a lot of the time and feeling like you have something to contribute.

It is really important that we make the whole application and acceptance and work process as accessible as possible.

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