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Use this form to upload a file to help tell your story. You can upload a video or audio recording, a pdf, or an image. 

  • Please try to keep your videos to 90 seconds max.
  • Focus on one barrier per video.

Share a story about a specific access barrier you've faced while trying to go about your daily life. Then say what the ideal, enabling situation would look like, without the barriers. Emphasise how changing the law could help remove the barriers, using the pointers below. We want to show politicians and the everyday citizens who haven’t had to think about accessibility yet why we need laws and systems that prioritise accessibility to create the fair and inclusive Aotearoa we all want to live in.

We know that accessibility solutions are complex. Law change is one significant part of the picture. An accessibility act has the potential to remove many barriers because:

  • It can ensure that planners and architects, transport providers, businesses, employers, education providers, information providers and others to meet specific accessibility requirements
  • It can help these people and industries to understand what we mean by “accessibility” and “universal design” and why these concepts are important
  • It can make accessibility a priority in all these areas, which benefits everyone.
  • It can put in place systems and checks for the accessibility requirements to be enforced. That means that we, as disabled and deaf people, aren’t the only watchdogs all the time, often having to go through complex and time-consuming complaints processes to get change.
  • Having to deal with fewer barriers ourselves frees us up to get on with our lives, to live well, get around, learn, work and contribute to our communities.

NB: We may slightly edit stories for clarity, in line with the above pointers. We’ll get in touch if we need to check on anything, and we’ll let you know when your story goes live. Thanks for sharing your story!