Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust

We are a small charity that has been going for 10 years. We provide service dogs for people with disabilities, some being children with autism, cerebral palsy, degenerative disorders resulting in wheel chair use, and adults with diabetes, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Epilepsy. The dogs we provide perform tasks for our clients which enable them, and there families, to function better in their homes and communities.

We are internationally accredited by Assistance Dogs International and therefore recognized by the New Zealand Government which grants our dogs public access.

We breed our own dogs, raise the puppies within the community (our amazing volunteer families), train the dogs and place and train the teams (dog and client/family) as well as provide a follow up service for the dogs working life.

We are supporting Access Alliance because we believe that everyone should be able to access public places and do so in safety and as stress free as possible.

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