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To: Rt Hon Bill English, National Party Leader; Ms Jacinda Ardern, Labour Party Leader; Rt Hon Winston Peters, New Zealand First Leader; James Shaw, Green Party Co-Leader; Mr David Seymour, Act Party Leader;

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We call on each of you to show leadership by committing your party to introducing accessibility legislation, including enforceable accessibility standards, in the next parliamentary term.

We urge you to recognise that increased accessibility presents one of the largest opportunities for social and economic development for all New Zealanders.

We want you to invest in the well-being of all New Zealanders by acting to ensure that jobs and workplaces are accessible to everyone, including 14,000 New Zealanders with disabilities who are ready and able to work, yet struggle to gain employment.

Why is this important?

One in four Kiwis have a disability and face barriers in their day-to-day lives – many of which involve accessing buildings and public spaces, using public transport, or accessing information and services. For those of us with disabilities, and those who support us, we know first hand that these barriers prevent us from reaching our full potential in education and employment, including income.

Nearly every New Zealander will have permanent or temporary access needs some time in our lives, especially as we get older. Every day, 1.1 million New Zealanders face access barriers.
The longer-term gains for New Zealand of breaking down these barriers are significant but only part of the equation. More importantly, providing the means for equal opportunity and participation for all New Zealanders is the right thing to do.

Some good things are happening already to improve accessibility, but we need a law change to ensure everyone benefits from an accessible NZ and to improve awareness around disability.

The Access Matters Campaign is led by a coalition of disabled people, disability organisations and supporters.

We call on all political parties to commit to the introduction of accessibility legislation, including enforceable accessibility standards. Your action is required now.

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